Our clients, Majid Al Futtaim Property and Marriot engaged us to create a upscale restaurant on the 24th floor of The Sheraton Hotel in the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. The space was an under utilised overspill from the pool area but had amazing views over the Dubai skyline.

Our research discovered that the Portuguese were the first Europeans to reach Japan and the first to establish direct trade between Japan and Europe, in 1543.

Many Japanese words of Portuguese origin entered the Japanese language when Portuguese Jesuit priests introduced Christian ideas, Western science, technology and new products to the Japanese.
Anjo is a word in both Japanese and Portuguese which means Angel. The Angel (O Anjo) is an appropriate name for the space as it is high above the ground and closer to heaven and the F&B offer will be heavenly. The interior is a harmonious blend of Japanese and Portuguese culture.

We were keen to avoid generic and cliched representations of the cultures and utilised elements as inspiration to create a unique interior.