Wise Kwai

Mojo provided concept creation and schematic drawings for an aspirational and casual restaurant. Designed to attract millenials and young entreprenuers in the 4 star Dusit D2 Hotel. Our concept story was:

You grab a few Tuk Tuks and head over to Wise Kwai. The driver explains that the owner is a famous film director who used to live in Hollywood but moved back a decade ago. It’s in an old part of the city and is not really in the main drag but you don’t mind. The Tuk Tuk stops outside this large old warehouse complex and the driver points up these old stairs. There’s a neon sign in Thai but no English. The door bangs open and a couple come out laughing and music temporarily escapes. You all go in and are blown away with what you see, smell and hear. The place is a mash up of warehouse steel wood and concrete, stage lighting and rigs with various scenes from a 60’s movie. There are all sorts of film memorabilia and betamax videotapes, some fantastic retro furniture and artwork.

Projected onto the wall is an old school movie in technicolour brilliance, The place has a sweet smell of citrus, salt, spice mixed with smoke and jasmin. Amazing food is being served on banana leaves and the colours are a visual explosion. The music is a mix of 60’s classics and Thai Funk. It’s gonna be a great night.

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